Zurich – The Heart Of Switzerland

As we hear the name of Zurich there are couple of things appearing in our mind – clocks, business, culture, beauty and architecture.  A marvelous city made of class, magnificence and nobility. Defined as the second best place to live in the whole world with a great life standard, you can surely make the conclusion that the city is one the most desirable destinations as well. It is a financial center and a global city. It is a notable historical location, home of 20 universities, full of cosmopolitan people. It is the city of clocks. It is the place of time. Zurich is eternal. Discover the heart of Switzerland with our Zurich escort services.

The city is many many things and according to your stay, you can see different aspects of it. But one thing is for sure – Zurich is the beating heart of Switzerland.

Walking down the streets you can feel the rich diversity – from Baroque and Classicism masterpieces to bold contemporary business buildings; from dynamic social life to joyful solitude among nature; from fancy loud bars to romantic secret restaurants; and all of their transitional conditions in colors as they go. The city is not large but it is full of golden experience – you can walk it out on foot within hours, but to see what’s in it, might take you days.

There are some main places that you definitely have to check once you get in Zurich. The list is colorful and vibrant, starting with the most influential building on Zurich’s skyline – Fraumünster and going on with the St. Peter Church; followed by the main train station Hauptbahnhoff and its street Bahnhofstrasse; the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum; the Kunsthaus Museum Gallery; the Zurich Opera House; and many other symbolic locations or you can just get lost in the Old City of Zurich (Zurich Altstadt) until you discover everything. Wander over Zurich you will see the amazing Limmat River and its bridges, Lindenhof, the huge amount of city parks and gardens and of course Lake Zurich.

Zurich will offer you inspiration and fulfillment.  As the leader of culture, business, life standard and tourism in the country, it is a significant key for Switzerland’s development and world’s improvement.