Zurich – best places to visit

Zurich is not only the financial center of Switzerland, but also one of the most beautiful cities on the European continent. Its cleanliness and high quality of life attracts different foreign tourists. There are so many attractions to visit in Zurich, that you could hardly make a choice. However, in this article we are going to show you a few places that you should definitely spare time for. Our escort Zurich service guarantees that you will enjoy every little moment of your vacation.


  1. The Old Town – it has kept the old architectural look and feel. Here you can see many landmarks, plazas and other amazing attractions. The ramparts of the ancient walled city also attract many visitors.
  2. Uetliberg – nothing like a fresh mountain air can make your vacation really wonderful. And there are many surprises, too. The mountaintop has a small hotel and two towers. The first one is a television tower, while the second one is made as a designated lookout. You can reach Uetliberg by walk or just take a train from Zurich.
  3. Lake Zurich – another great place for the people who like nature. This lake was formed by glaciers in the Alps. It is very clean and has many beaches and swimming areas. There are also a lot of passenger ships which can give you a great tour of the lake.
  4. Bahnhofstrasse – this is the main shopping area in Zurich. Here can be found stores of the world’s best designers. There are also many elegant cafes as well as places where you can buy the delicious Lindt chocolates made in the city.


So, these are the first places you have to go to when visiting Zurich. See the ancient history, go on a shopping tour or just enjoy the natural sights. Escort Zurich will help you spend one memorable vacation!