A walk to the museum

Take a peеk at Zürich’s cultural life and visit one of its high-quality museums. Whether you’re an art junkie or just a person who enjoys culture itself Züri offers a great variety of choices. Landesmuseum (located in the Platzspitz park opposite to the Hauptbahnhof) is Zürich’s National Museum displaying many objects that illustrate the cultural and historical background of Switzerland. At Museum of Design (located in Zürich’s Kreis 5, close to Zürich Hauptbahnhof) you can admire at industrial design, visual communication, architecture and craft. Or if you want something unorthodox, No Show Museum is the right choice for you, devoted to nothing and its various manifestations throughout the history of art. Learn something about Zürich’s iconic tram systems boarding on its own Tram-Museum Zürich (the main museum site is located at the former tram depot Tramdepot Burgwies), specialising in the history of the Zürich tram system. Or visit FIFA World Football Museum, dedicated to the triumphs of football and its heroes with a focus on interactive experiences for all ages.