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Vip party events

It’s time to work on earning out a new promotion or celebrating with your business partners a successful project coming to an end. What a superior way to do this than host a VIP party. You’ll have the good drinks, the fine food and the right venue, but why not spice things up. Why not add some precious jewels to your social gathering and have spectacular girls liven the party a bit. Jasmin Escort  has the capacity to accommodate an intimate VIP party with enough smart and gorgeous girls so every single one of your business partners along with yourself are well entertained throughout the night.


The chief bonus to our VIP party is our flexibility. As our client, you gain full access to our resources and enjoy full freedom to customize your experience. You specify the number of girls you wish to entertain your guests. You can be assured you’re hiring the freshest faces in the industry, who are blessed with heavenly looks and delightful personalities. Our girls don’t just sit pretty by your side, but make for engrossing social partners with wide fields of interest and great conversation skills to ensure you’re stimulated in every aspect.


You also specify when you need the girls to make an appearance. It could be either before the party officially starts to give your guests a welcome surprise or have them make a grand and unmissable entrance that will impress your guests and earn you their respect and favor in the future. How long the escort girls will remain is also decided by you. There are several options which you can discuss with us depending on the circumstances of the party. It’s our duty to ensure your vision comes to life.


Once all these details have been arranged, you pay a fixed price, which covers the time spent socializing with the girls as well as enough time where gentlemen can wrap up the party and spend some intimate, private time with an escort girl of their choosing. You have our word that you receive a trustworthy service that relies on complete trust and discretion. What you discuss with us remains fully protected as information and whatever tender moments you decide to share with our girls remain completely private. We have found that knowing they’re in a safe environment allows our clients to scale the heights of unimaginable pleasure.


How about we demonstrate what we offer with a short description of what could happen to you when you book Jasmin Escort’s VIP party service. Fantasy is our domain and we want to make sure you truly consider the limitless option and freedom our girls grant you to be fully yourself and act upon your most private desires.


The escort date for your party arrives and you’ve secured everything you need to convince your business guests you are an excellent host and a trusted partner who has their best interest at heart. You have chosen a glitzy place to host. Maybe it’s your luxury home or you’ve rented a rooftop venue at a hotel where your partners are staying. You’ve made the guarantee you have the right spirits and aphrodisiac dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. Once your guests arrive, you spend some time to bond and get the feel-good buzz going on from a job well done. You know the rules. Work hard, play hard.


As soon as you’ve all relaxed from the long hours you’ve worked, it’s time to introduce to the special guests to your gathering – our girls. There are enough dazzling and delicate escort ladies that walk in long, confident strides with sexy high heels and dresses that reveal their youthfulness and beauty. Now, the party is about to begin in earnest and depending on what you want, you can have a relaxed atmosphere where your business partners can spend time to get to know all the girls.


Trust your escort agency when we tell you that they make stellar conversationalist and can discuss any subject with confidence. They themselves are women of the world, who have interests that are wide-ranging and work on their own careers, so they can relate to your life, dreams and aspirations.


Or you can go for a high-energy party with a DJ and dancing with lots of physical contacts that gets your blood rushing through your body. Dancing will wake you up and lead to something else, which is why you have our girls over. It’s time for an altogether different kind of time with your escort date. Experience the heights of carnal delight in the privacy of your room with a girl who knows her body and has the needed skills to give your unimaginable pleasure.


Whether it’s to invest in your career through strengthening bonds with your business partners or it’s to celebrate a company success, the VIP party option provided by Jasmin Escort is the right means to take. You have the stage of your life in a personal aspect and at the same time are taking care of your future. As mentioned, the service is completely discreet and your personal

information remains protected. Every single detail is planned, discussed and our girls know how to behave in every single moment and the price features socializing along with private, intimate time with our girls.


Take charge of your business and personal life with the premier VIP party service in town. Jasmin Escort Agency is here to give you a flawless night.