Things not to forget when going on vacation (part 2)

4. Water – it is always important to drink the required amounts of water in order to stay hydrated. When travelling, this activity becomes even crucial. Dehydration usually leads to many negative effects such as headache, cramps and fatigue. And that is the last thing you want while being on vacation, right? So, you‘d better stop by a grocery store and buy enough water for your travel.


5. Extra towel – you never know when and where will a sudden rain surprise you. In case you get wet, you will certainly need one extra dry towel (because the towel you use after the morning shower will probably still be wet). We recommend taking microfiber travel or camping towels. They are thin, absorbent and won‘t take up much space in your luggage, too.


6. Sandals – you do not have any idea just how useful they might be for you. If you are staying at hotels, you could wear them in your room, in the shower or even in the common areas. Also, when you are driving, you might require something comfortable as well. And in case you like to take long walks outside, it is not necessary to cram your feet back into the shoes. Are these reasons enough for you?


7. Notebook and pen – imagine that you are visiting some terrific attractions or taking part in a local fest. Wouldn‘t you want to tell your friends every little detail of this experience when you get back? It will be a lot easier to do that if you have written it in your notebook. After all, you cannot remember everything, can you?


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