Things not to forget when going on vacation (part 1)

When your flights and hotels are already booked, there is only one thing that can ruin your perfect holiday. Yes, that is definitely the luggage. Especially if you leave its packing for the last possible minute. A lot of things you are going to need on the trip may be forgotten. That is why today we are going to give you some tips on what you should definitely take with you. So, let‘s start:


  1. First aid kit – you probably do not want to think about bad things, but everything happens. And you know what people say, Better safe than sorry‘. Your kit should at least include band aids, pain relievers and antibiotic wipes. Depending on the place you are going to, you could also take a sunburn cream, antacids or a bug repellent.
  2. Documents and extra cash – forgetting them might make your vacation a real nightmare. Apart from your passport, it is advisable to always keep photocopies of all your important documents in a safe place. Also, take some extra cash in the local currency. When you are traveling abroad, it is vital to be well-prepared.
  3. Compass – imagine the following scenario. The train leaves you on the certain street station and you know that the hotel you booked is nearby. But how to find it? Should you go left or right? Maybe ask someone for help? You could get lost very easily if you are in a big city. That is why the compass is really helpful on such trips. In case you have a smartphone with a navigation app, it can do the same job.


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