Switzerland – a magnificent country

Switzerland is certainly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. The country offers outstanding leisure opportunities and superb services.


Ski facilities in the country are outstanding and among the best in the world with resorts such as Wengen, Adelboden, Zermatt, Davos. Many of them are car-free and the only way to get up in the mountains is to take a train. You can enjoy breath-taking views from mountainous railways such as the Rhaetian railway and the Jungfrau railway. The latter has the highest station in Europe at 3,455 m above sea level.


You must also see Matterhorn, the symbol of Switzerland. You can visit and swim in some of the myriad of lakes in the country, taste Swiss chocolate, go hiking, visit castles and churches or just have a bicycle ride. If you like music, you must visit the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.


Large cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern and Lausanne are also very beautiful with many tourist attractions. If you need to choose among them the best choice would be probably Zurich. The city is very well-connected by plain, car and train and although Zurich is not a typical Swiss city, it is a very vibrant city with its own ambience. It is a green biker-friendly city with many parks, museums, churches. You can also take a voyage on the Zurich Lake. Discover the city via our Zurich escort service!


Shortly, there are plenty of things to do for anyone in Switzerland and you must visit this wonderful country. The only downside is that its reputation of one of the most expensive countries in the world is unequivocally deserved.