Spend time in a garden

Welcome to the jungle. House of about 300 different species of animals with total amount of 2200 creatures, Zürich Zoologischer Garten (located on Zürichbergstrasse, on the lower reaches of the Zürichberg in the Fluntern quarter) is place where you can melt into a crowd of snow leopards, India lions, pandas, or if you adore the chill and the outside temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, come to the penguin parade.

Or, if you want to be the only animal in a virgin land, come visit the Botanischer Garten (located at Zollikerstrasse in the Weinegg quarter of the city) containing as three million plants and trees. Explore many rare plants species from south western part of Africa, as well as from New Caledonia. Feel the nature, smell the nature, come to the botanical garden.Or explore the gift from Zürich’s Chinese partner town Kunming, dedicated to the Three Friends of Winter – the Chinagarten Zürich (located in the city’s Seefeld quarter, next to the Centre Le Corbusier between Blatterwiese and Bellerivestrasse and near to the Zürichhorn on the right shore of Lake Zürich). Expression of Three  Friends of Winter, also known as Suihan Sanyou, symbolizing the pine, bamboo and plum, which do not wither as the cold days deepen

into the winter season, the garden is a small version of China’s landscapes and buildings, plants and water world, nestling in Zürich.