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There comes a day in your life when you need to celebrate a big milestone, a special occasion or an anniversary since your biggest triumph in life. Nothing simple and mundane will do. No big, expensive gift will be meaningful enough for you. Instead, create an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your memory for years to come. You deserve nothing less than absolute perfection and Jasmin Escort has the means to provide you with such an exciting prospect. A beautiful girl hanging on your arm makes all the difference when celebrating.


Jasmin Escort works together with smart, enterprising girls who take their jobs very seriously and can blend in with any crowd. Whether you’ve decided to host a large private event with a diverse crowd where social interaction is a key strength your date needs to possess or a more intimate function, you can be certain to choose a bewitching girl from our catalog that meets your expectations.


We offer a flexible, immersive service that comes with fixed prices that depend on your needs for your special event. Of course, our prices feature exclusive time for you to move away from the festivities and enjoy each other in a private room, just the two of us.


Keeping true with the nature of our service, we’d like to help you get a small taste of what you can have. Give us a few moments to unravel the experience for your benefits, so you can appreciate to the fullest what Jasmin Escort does for its clients.


Imagine it’s the birthday of a dear friend and he wants to celebrate in style. He’s a man who enjoys luxury, beautiful women and parties. For such a fine gentleman, Jasmine Escort can help you arrange a special event he won’t soon forget. Choose as many girls as you want from our ranks and you can arrange them to bring out a giant cake in style, wearing tight dresses with stockings, high heels and expensive lingerie peeking at certain places. It will make his cake all the more sweeter. You can even book private time for him with a girl he fancies best as a birthday present.


Another popular experience is to have a girl come over a cocktail, a family function or any private gathering you’ve been invited and are in need of a company. You’ll walk in with one of our intelligent and friendly girls, who will present herself as your girlfriend for the night.


It’s a very popular service and you can make special requests early on when you’re booking a date for a special event. Request a dress code or what she should be knowledgeable about so it’s easy for her to hold conversation no matter what the social situation. She’ll appear in an ethereal dress that reveals just how beautiful she is – a promise for what happens later behind closed doors.


Your date is charming, graceful and personable when she’s introduced around. She’s all you have ever wanted for this moment and she makes your success all the more meaningful. Our girls can keep every conversation going, whether you introduce her to colleagues, friends or relatives. No one will know you’ve hired her to be your date. She will be the perfect girlfriend for the evening or day. She will have impeccable manners, but still touch you in playful ways when no one is looking. You’ll flirt. Press against each other and at one point, you’ll want more.


You’re confident when you leave the party, hand in hand, and you’re ready for the cherry on top this delicious dessert the day has become. It’s you who takes charge over the remainder of the night. You might wish for your date to stay until morning light peeks through the blinders or you might have a specified parting hour, after which you blissfully go to sleep and enjoy the timeless memories you’ve created for yourself. Ask and you shall receive!


You’re satisfied body and soul and what you shared together in your room remains private and agreed. Our girl is here to help you get to a whole new plane of existence and nothing is off the table. All you need to do is ask what your body craves at the moment and you shall receive it in full.


As you can see, this riveting thrill of sophisticated female company can be all yours at a great price and you can expect for Jasmin Escort to help you arrange every single detail. Our Elite model escorts in Zurich can come at any time of day to accommodate the starting hour of your event, if you’ve given us enough time to schedule her appearance.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or late in the evening. We seek to arrange the best possible situation for you. You can always count on our girl to be punctual, dressed strictly according to your dress code and ready for everything and anything.


Treat yourself to the greatest thrill in the world. As stated above, you pay a special price for this package and the service is two-fold. You spend time during the official event together in the company of your guests and then move on to your room, where the special event begins! What we provide is intimacy, security and discretion. What you do together remains private and in the confines of your room.