Jasmin Escort is a Zurich escort agency, which works to please and satisfy every man’s natural need for intimacy and beauty in their personal life or sexual services. To this end, we employ only bright-eyed girls who are new to the industry, are thrilled to make your head spin and beyond excited to explore their own sensuality. There is beauty to be found among our girls as they represent the wealth of the world. Our girls all live in Zurich, but hail from the four corners of the world. Our services are separated in two main part: outcall- when the agency arrange a meeting between one of its escort and the client at customer`s house or hotel room; incall- at escort`s residence. All part of our mission to provide you with the most detailed and personalized experience. We are a home to your fantasies.


What we strive for in our work is to change the face of the industry one date at a time. This all begins with our fresh new perspective, which we believe is actively represented in our roster of call girls available to whisk on a magical evening. Our service is available exclusively on your terms. You select the female escort that catches your eye the most. You select the type of evening you have in mind and we help you in the preparation to the best of our abilities and sex worker. You see the many flexible pricing options presented. This is what we believe makes our service all the more attractive and appealing to our clients. You know exactly what you get and how to get it.


However, just because you planned a date to the last detail doesn’t mean you won’t get a few surprises out of your night together with the girl of your choosing, you can find your desired escorts on the website. There’s a greater mystery that happens when a man meets a woman who is completely open to him and this is what we offer you. This our greatest gift to you, providing sexual services. The mystery of allure that women exude – especially those of extraordinary beauty. The fine enchantment of the female body and mind, especially ones as beautiful and sharp as our girls’.


Yes, you can find here fun times at night. After all, our service uses personal pleasure, cheer and laughter as its strongest foundation. With our girls under your arms, you’re bound to have a great, satisfactory night, but that’s just scratching the surface. Jasmin Escort aims to please the body, but also feed the spirit. We offer you an experience that will rock your world in all the best ways possible. You’ll find something beautiful that interests you, fulfills you and gets you excited about living.


Fulfillment starts with the heart and your heart is our domain. Just tells us exactly what type of excitement you need at any given moment and we’ll grant it to you just the way you see it in your mind.


There’s the excitement of being in the glamorous company of a woman who can be described best as a work of art. Just imagine it. You in your very best designer wear in an elegant and sophisticated setting with a woman who dazzles with her natural beauty, her confidence and her style. She’s yours to take to a sky lounge or go to an exclusive club, where you two will be everyone’s envy.


Of course, there’s the excitement of deep, personal intimacy. Jasmin Escort is a female-for-male type of escort agency interviews girls to test their intelligence, charm, wit and conversation skills because the agency should suggest an escort who might fit that client`s need. All so you’ve a real person in front of you who can hold a meaningful conversation and understand you on a purely intellectual level. Invite this woman for a quiet walk through a romantic park under the night sky or take her home to talk the night away. And if one thing leads to another…


Well, all the better! After all, life is meant to be lived to the fullest.


Jasmin Escort stands firmly by your side during your search for heightened pleasures and is your trusted partner in accomplishing your dreams. The call girl agency provides social or conversational service rather than a sexual service in a brothel. You communicate with us to get all the aspects of the service right. We pride ourselves on being on time and point with every single appointment, so you know you’re getting the very best, so you can choose from list of escorts of different ages to cater your interest. After all, client satisfaction is what we strive for and achieve. This is why we’re the premier agency in Zurich and you won’t another agency as prepared, ready and willing to commit to your personal fulfillment.


Given the sensitive nature of our service, you can count on discretion. Your personal details as well as information remain firmly protected and are not disclosed to third parties. This is all to build trust and rapport with our clients. Knowing you’re protected, allows you to relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Whatever you share with our girls whether it’s in the middle of a dinner date, during a wild party or in the course of an official reception, stays between you two, making your time together all the more precious. We strive to keep the magic of the night alive and your experience meaningful.


Come seek out and be overcome with emotion you’ve never felt before. Jasmin Escort in the business of changing lives one date at a time and this is exactly what you get. The freedom to recreate a Hollywood movie romantic thrill in the company of a glamorous woman chosen by your hand, who fits all your expectations, preferences and wishes. They say a single night can change you as a person and it’s the honest truth. We’ve seen it happen time and time again.


Are you ready for us to change your life?