Interesting facts about Zurich (part 2)

6. A Roman name – not many people know that the modern city of Zurich began as a Roman customs outpost. They called it Turicum. The earliest record of this name was found on a second-century tombstone discovered at the Lindenhof hill.

7. Prehistoric pile dwellings – but the history of this area is even older. Around the Alps you can see a series of prehistoric stilt house settlements from around 5000 to 500 B.C. They are built on the edges of lakes and rivers. Such dwellings have been found also in Germany, France, Austria and other European countries. All of them are included in UNESCO world heritage site list.

8. A lot of museums – Zurich is home to many and various museums. Some of them are very popular among foreign tourists. Swiss National Museum, Museum of Design, Kunsthaus Zurich, etc. If you are interested in culture, Zurich is definitely the best place for you.

9. Wild nightlife – the city also offers many classy clubs, bars and live-music venues. There are pretty good strip clubs, too. The main night events are concentrated on the streets around Langstrasse and Zurich West. On weekends people from all over the country come to Zurich just to have a good time.

10. Largest Techno Street Party – and that is one more thing that may surprise you. Every August millions of wildly dressed people take part in the Street Parade, the largest techno parade on the European continent. Three things gather these people on the same place – the thumping beats, the electronica music and the freedom of expression. A party you will definitely enjoy!


So, now you know a few things about Zurich you have never imagined. But if that is still not enough for you, you can visit the city and see all the attractions for yourself. Our escort Zurich service will be ready to help you have a good time!