How to relax in Zurich

If you want to go on a relaxing trip, see some beautiful places and explore new culture, Zurich is the right place for you. The city lies in the heart of Europe and it`s easy to reach, whether by train, plane or private vehicle.
Luxury spa-hotels in the center of the city or chalets in Switzerland`s Alps, relaxation is guarantied. But that doesn`t mean, that you should only stay in one room for your vacation. Our escort Zurich service offers great support!
Zurich is filled with remarkable landmarks, beautiful nature and everyone can find the right thing for themselves.
A walk in the Old Town will take you centuries back, as well as the museums like Swiss National Museum, there you can see artifacts explaining the early migration and settlement, religious, intellectual and political history, and also the economic development in Switzerland. Kunsthaus Zurich with its large collection of works by several of world most famous artists like Monet, Delacroix and van Gogh will leave you breathless.

If you need a snack before you go see the Lake Zurich, there are many little cafès and restaurants, where you can get a cup of hot chocolate or eat a ton of chocolates, because Swiss chocolate is one of the most exquisite foods in this world.

Our relaxing  tour continues to the Lake of Zurich and later we`re up to the Red Forest – two  places, which will show you a small part of Switzerland`s nature beauty.

Before you go home, don`t forget to go to the main street, stroll by the many shops there and buy some gifts for your friends.

But mainly, try not to lose your heart in Zurich, tough we all know it`s impossible.