Our girls are like any other and as any woman, they would be very happy to receive a gift and really appreciate it. Of course, you can surprise a model with a present you think suits her and will make her happier and even more charming towards you.


Usually, when you describe the type of event and the type of people attending, our model will appear dressed accordingly. However, if you have any specific requests, you can definitely tell us and we’ll make sure to fulfill them in the best way possi…


Yes, of course. We employ models who have nothing against another woman and will be quite pleased with it.


Depending on your tastes, we can send in a mature woman with considerable experience in life and other areas.


Travel expenses occur with distance. This applies to international travel, where plane tickets are taken into account based on airlines and seat capacity.


We don’t have any hidden fees. There’s only a transport fee for out-of-town travel, which is discussed beforehand.


Will I receive an invoice from you? What currencies do you accept? – At the moment, we accept only cash. The preferred currency is in franks, but any sum can be calculated based on the euro and dollar exchange rate for the day.


Our models are real ladies, so expect to be gentlemanly towards them. We can offer you a few pieces of advice on how to have a great company in their company and predispose her to more later. When she arrives, you can introduce yourself politely and …


Our clients are often entrepreneurs who travel a lot and take a lot of unexpected trips, which we understand. We only ask that when your plans change, you give us a call as soon as possible with either a phone call or text message.


Once I have made a booking how long will I have to wait? – You can call a model of your choice at any possible moment. When you call an escort, based on your location in the city, she can be there in half an hour to an hour tops.


Yes, this is completely possible. We also cover business events, cocktails and public spaces. Our models have experience in every social situation and thanks to their style and class know how to act at any given moment. It’s also possible to invite o…


Our girls can travel to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and the whole of Europe. Some models have availability to travel around the world. This also depends on the particular location and visa requirements.