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Our Girls are your best escort

Whether you’re thinking of entertaining at your home with close friends or organizing party at your villa on the outskirts of town where anything can happen, it doesn’t matter to our girls. You only have to wish it and they’ll be ready to take you on a dance challenge or show just what their young bodies are capable of.


Dressed to seduce, charming and with amazing fit bodies– they’re here to make you sweat and heart beat fast. We’re here to help you visualize the experience of bringing the club to your house or villa.


Do you wish to feel the thrill of a masked ball where the elite gathers to be themselves without inhibition? Allow Jasmin Zurich Escort to supply the single ingredient every wild private party needs in order to secure its status as one to remember for years to come – party girls. You have access to a large catalog of diverse young ladies, who are at the height of their youth and would love nothing better than to party the night away in the right company.


Our Guarantee


Jasmin Escort employs only vetted and interviewed girls from rich ethnic background, whom we know personally and can recommend for any event. You’re in complete control over the specifics, how many girls you want at the party and how long they’re going to stay. What we offer are bright, beautiful maidens with party animal dispositions for when you want passion and a hot temperament. They also have the appropriate manners for low-key events where you have subdued music and h’ordeuvres. The entertainment private party service has been made available at attractive rates for private time.




Jasmin Escort materialize your Fantasies


Now take a step back and imagine what your party is going to look like when a group of the most stunning girls arrives at your home.

You’ve spent the whole day setting the scene in a small chalet during the day. There’s the best champagne chilling in ice, aphrodisiacs arranged in large silver platters and soft furniture. It’s still day when your guests arrive. Expensive, black cars pull through the gate. Each polished to a mirror finish and from inside come out beautiful women and sophisticated men dressed in rich suits. The elite of society walk down a soft red carpet into the impressive castle you’ve booked for the event. Everyone is in the mood to meet the sunrise and you get cocktails prepared with the finest ingredients and put on the music to the loudest and go on to party without anyone saying what you can and can do.


Masks adorn the faces of all your guests and you can`t recognize anyone- the same time mystically and attractive. It’s a private party, but you want to add something extra to set the mood and it works. People forget it’s still day outside and leaves themselves to the music provided by a professional DJ or a live band to send the mood. The woman dress in low-cut dresses of the richest fabrics. Toned, shimmering legs glisten in the light from slits as they take each step, dance and move to seduce. Our girls show off shoulders. You see open-back dresses that flash flawless skin and open cleavage. Soft lingerie peaks at the corners.


Women watch each other with eagerness as they move. Some dance together in slow motion to impress their gentlemen and champagne flows well until the sun sets. On the dance floor, partners change all the time. Everyone is embracing their true nature away from prying eyes. This is the place where you can completely be free without anyone knowing who you are, so you take this full opportunity.


Soon you realize it’s night time, but you don’t feel tired at all. It’s time to move your party to next level – why not all your guest to start swap their partners. Our escort girls have embody both killer looks with a sharp mind, who will show you a fun time behind closed doors. Coats come off and fine lace on stockings emerges. Bodies press tightly together in the most intimate embraces. You and your guests are going to fill all your fantasies for one or more than one of our models. There’s complete freedom in what you wish. Jasmin Escort specializes in satisfying all our clients’ desire and this event is no different.



We can organize your private entertainment party


It’s up to you how your party looks and feels. What Jasmin Escort does is give you the means to make all your fantasies materialize just how you want them. Our service is efficient and flexible. It’s what we are known for. You can also trust us in the first place when we tell you your privacy is our highest priority. Your personal information remains private and all your experience remain discreet and shared only between you and the girls you choose. As a result, you can relax and truly enjoy yourself no matter what party you’re hosting.

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