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Meet the bold blond ambition with mischievous smirk – Lina. Prepare to lose yourself in her enchanting green eyes. You’ll not be able to escape the spell she casts on you. This beautiful nymph practices yoga, which keeps her nimble and fluid in her movements, while her dancer background has given her unearthly grace that makes people fall in love with her when they see her walk. Won’t it be divine to have this nurturing spirit close to you as you head to a casino or a bar together? She’ll look even better behind closed doors when Lina is all yours!


Lina has immaculate taste and she’ll have you eat French pastries in bed, licking cream off her fingers. Bring in fine champagne and watch as she giggles when the cork flies off and foam spills out. There’s really no better feeling in the world than her as companion. Lina is a girl who likes to experiment and appreciates the female body herself, so she’s perfect for couples who want to spice up their personal life. Funny, cheerful and understanding, she’s going to charm you over dinner and then help you reach new heights of bliss later in the evening.


Zurich is where she feels at home, but as all young women, she dreams of the glamorous European capitals with their twinkling lights, crowded squares and incredible food. She’ll gladly accept an invitation to join you on a journey to Bern, Milano and Paris. Whether you are doing business there or just want a short vacation, Lina will take on any role you want during your trip and later as a surprise, you can take her on a romantic date or go shopping for a new dress, perfume or lingerie. She’ll model all options for you and then she’ll have the whole night to show her gratitude.

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Personal Details

Age 22
Height 5 ft 7
Bust 34C
Dress size S
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Orientation Bisexual
Languages English
Nationality European
Cuisine Italian,French.
Drinks Champagne
Perfume Valentino,Dior
Interests Music,Yoga,Dancing.
Travel availability Zurich,Bern,Geneva,Paris,Milano,Europe