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Anna is a beautiful young girl, having various interests and hobbies. She likes
taking care of her figure so she visits the fitness gym three times per week. She
does a lot of exercise, as well as visiting yoga classes and aerobic classes. She
also likes reading fashion magazines and travelling to different countries. She
really likes Italy, and Italian food is her is her favourite, but she also likes other
cuisines. Because of her love for travelling she is a really great fan of
adventures. She can also adapt to different situations and likes trying new
So she enjoys learning something new, visiting new places, going to different
countries, meeting and socializing with different people from different
She likes fashion a lot, so she prefers expensive clothes and exquisite jewelry.
She believes that taking good care of the way you dress, the way your body
looks and your total appearance of course is the thing that leads you to success
and good life. That is why she prefers to dress herself with taste and elegance.

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Personal Details

Age 22
Height 5 ft 7
Bust 34C
Dress size S
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Orientation Straight
Languages English
Nationality European
Cuisine Italian
Drinks White wine
Perfume Versace
Interests Sports,Photo Modeling
Travel availability Europe