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This fair-haired angel will soar the skies of Europe with you at your call. Adriana is one of our youngest models and her innocence is her greatest asset. She will look exquisite on your arm in a private party or walking in her high heels on the streets of Paris, Bern and Geneva. She’s not well-travelled. Be the one to show her world and she’ll love you for it. Adriana is a free spirit and it shows whenever she moves. As we said, she’s ready to pack her bags for a romantic weekend given the first chance and she’ll be the sugar to make every moment sweet.


Given her soft blond locks and stunning body, it’s no surprise she’s a model in her spare time – her body is a true work of art. She maintains her lithe figure with yoga, dancing and walks in park. Her steps are always light and in your arms, she melts to your touch and lets you guide her to your mutual pleasure. Healthy living is her passion and she dines only on the cleanest seafood and finds satisfaction in a good white wine. Take her to a sushi restaurant or a great seafood place and you’ll have her in the palm of your hand.


Because she’s involved into modeling, she’s grown to love fashion and appreciates the touch of expensive fabrics and fine lace on her skin. Win her heart with high end clothing, lingerie and shoes and she’ll have the best time in her life in them… and later out of them. Adriana loves to please and learn new things. Be real gentle and sweet to her and she’ll do anything you want, when you want it. A real girl next door, Adriana will make all your friends and family members fall in love with her.

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Personal Details

Age 20
Height 170
Bust 90C
Dress size S
Hair Blond
Eyes grey
Orientation Straight
Languages English
Nationality European
Cuisine Sea food
Drinks White Wine
Perfume Dior,Cavalli,Valentino.
Interests Fashion,Dance,Yaga,Modeling.
Travel availability Zurich,Bern,Geneva,Paris,Milano,Germany,Europe