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Dinner Escort | Jasmin Escort Zurich

Want to inject your nightlife with magic and romance? Jasmin Escort Agency has developed the ideal escort service option that hits all the romantic notes for your benefit and pleasure. We’re excited to talk about the classic romantic escort dinner date with any girl. You can pick any refined young lady from our catalog and have her appear in a celebrated restaurant or invite your escort girl for a private secret dinner in your home, she can be your female escort at home.


Either way, you receive the company you deserve at a special fixed price and excellent escort service that makes planning your evening all the easier and more efficient. You’ll find our girls to be a real and high class act when it comes to impressing you with wits, sense of humor and sharp mind. Not only will the food taste all the more delicious, but you will have made memories to adore, to be passionate about for the rest of your life with our elite escourts. Ultimately, this is what we’re offering on the table – valuable companionship.


Here’s how your special night is going to go when you choose dinner date experience.


You set the time, choose the venue place according to your taste and pick out a tailored and expensive dinner suit. The first impression is essential and you want to look the successful man you have worked so many hours 24/7 to become. Your dream Zurich girl, your pleasant escort is going to be just on time, wearing a dress to your liking. Its fabric is rich. The color sings. She bewitches the way she moves with grace, poise and elegance. There’s no doubt about her upbringing and class.


She’s stunning, young and dressed up to the nines, almost ready to take on a catwalk or pose for popular magazine cover. She is guided to the table you’ve reserved for this special occasion and your girl leans in to kiss you on both cheeks. How very European. You already feel close to her only a few minutes in your escort company and only eager to get to know this enigmatic creature who looks at you through long lashes, all coy and seductive. The corners of your escort girl mouth lift up into a very cheeky smile.


Wine just arrives at the table. A good vintage. Aromatic and just how you like it. It turns out the wine is one of you escort girl top favorites and for a bit you talk about wine culture. You discuss your interest in fine spirits and she talks about her course in wine tasting and the short wine degustation trips she has made and attained over the years. She’s every bit as intelligent and smart as she is beautiful and shiny, and you’re smitten – a true man at the real mercy of a truly extraordinary woman.


Food arrives and you have a bare recollection of having ordered in the first place. That’s how engrossing your companion is. She’s poised upright and works with her table knife and fork with graceful skill to cut up her dish into fine bites. She relishes at each bite and offers you some of her food. You lean over the table, right between the warmth of the candles and wait for your dream girl to guide the fork to your mouth. You do the similar move and then the conversation steers into favorite food from around the world, how delicious your meal is and this and that.


There are no awkward stops in the conversation and to everyone sitting on neighboring tables, it seems you’ve known each other for your whole lives. How everyone desires to be in your place and enjoy the night with your amazing girl , but that privilege has only one

tangible beneficiary – this beneficiary is you. Pride fills you up and you’re just one step closer to declare to the world “Yes, she is with me and there’s nothing you can do about it, but enjoy your private dinner and watch.”


Dessert arrives. Just the one for you two to share. This is a romantic dinner date in the spite of everything and you have to follow convention. The rich smooth taste is only enhanced by the face you’re splitting it with her. She looks all the more ravishing so close to you, tiny forks touching each other as you slowly make your direction directly through the dessert. It’s a great intimacy that brings you together and the conversation grows more personal and intense as you discover her soul and mind. Your voices are hushed as if you’re telling each other secrets no one else should ever hear aloud. Bit by bit, you allow yourself to come close by her and take your girl`s hand in yours.


An electric charge runs through you at the contact with such a delicate hand. Her skin is the softest you have ever touched and felt in your life and you catch a whiff of her delicate perfume that will linger and remain of her long after she’s gone. After the plates have been cleared you realize that you’ve spent hours together and the restaurant is almost empty, but the night is still young. What will happen in next few hours depends on entirely and completely on you and she waits for you to make your choice and decision.


You can expect the same tender moments to occur in the private and secure atmosphere of you hire escort for your home where you have more control and domination over the dining arrangements, menu and pacing of your date. You may as well choose to stay up all night, provided you have specified how long you want the date to continue. Jasmin Escort works closely with you to agree on and design all details for your dinner date to be unforgettable.


You can trust us to do everything to the best of our competences and abilities.