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Why to visit Zurich?

Located at the tip of the Zurich Lake, Zurich is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, most expensive cities in the world. A cultural and financial center, Zurich enjoys an abundant cultural life. You can have an amazing moment in the city with our escort Zurich service.

You must visit the Old Town where you can appreciate its well-preserved architecture and go back in time. From there, you can easily access numerous museums, galleries and concert halls such as the Swiss National Museum, the Zurich Museum of Art, the Tram Museum, the Zurich Zoo, the Botanical Garden, the Great Minster and many others which can satisfy even the most pretentious visitors.

Probably, the best way to discover Zurich is by bike. The entire city is accessible by bike and you have a bike rental stop near all crowded city spots. If you want to have a panoramic view of the city, you can take a train to Üetliberg, which is the highest of the nearest hills with its 813 m.

As the Zurich Lake is not far, you can make a lake voyage or even hire a paddle boat and do some exercise while enjoying the nature. In the summer, locals also sunbathe on the banks of the Limmat and you can join them.

Last but not least, Zurich is very well-connected to other cities in Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria thanks to its geographical location. The airport is one of the largest in Europe and has connections to hundreds of destinations. So, you can enjoy Zurich either as a one-city visit or make a tour in the region.

Switzerland – a magnificent country

Switzerland is certainly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. The country offers outstanding leisure opportunities and superb services.


Ski facilities in the country are outstanding and among the best in the world with resorts such as Wengen, Adelboden, Zermatt, Davos. Many of them are car-free and the only way to get up in the mountains is to take a train. You can enjoy breath-taking views from mountainous railways such as the Rhaetian railway and the Jungfrau railway. The latter has the highest station in Europe at 3,455 m above sea level.


You must also see Matterhorn, the symbol of Switzerland. You can visit and swim in some of the myriad of lakes in the country, taste Swiss chocolate, go hiking, visit castles and churches or just have a bicycle ride. If you like music, you must visit the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.


Large cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern and Lausanne are also very beautiful with many tourist attractions. If you need to choose among them the best choice would be probably Zurich. The city is very well-connected by plain, car and train and although Zurich is not a typical Swiss city, it is a very vibrant city with its own ambience. It is a green biker-friendly city with many parks, museums, churches. You can also take a voyage on the Zurich Lake. Discover the city via our Zurich escort service!


Shortly, there are plenty of things to do for anyone in Switzerland and you must visit this wonderful country. The only downside is that its reputation of one of the most expensive countries in the world is unequivocally deserved.

How to relax in Zurich

If you want to go on a relaxing trip, see some beautiful places and explore new culture, Zurich is the right place for you. The city lies in the heart of Europe and it`s easy to reach, whether by train, plane or private vehicle.
Luxury spa-hotels in the center of the city or chalets in Switzerland`s Alps, relaxation is guarantied. But that doesn`t mean, that you should only stay in one room for your vacation. Our escort Zurich service offers great support!
Zurich is filled with remarkable landmarks, beautiful nature and everyone can find the right thing for themselves.
A walk in the Old Town will take you centuries back, as well as the museums like Swiss National Museum, there you can see artifacts explaining the early migration and settlement, religious, intellectual and political history, and also the economic development in Switzerland. Kunsthaus Zurich with its large collection of works by several of world most famous artists like Monet, Delacroix and van Gogh will leave you breathless.

If you need a snack before you go see the Lake Zurich, there are many little cafès and restaurants, where you can get a cup of hot chocolate or eat a ton of chocolates, because Swiss chocolate is one of the most exquisite foods in this world.

Our relaxing  tour continues to the Lake of Zurich and later we`re up to the Red Forest – two  places, which will show you a small part of Switzerland`s nature beauty.

Before you go home, don`t forget to go to the main street, stroll by the many shops there and buy some gifts for your friends.

But mainly, try not to lose your heart in Zurich, tough we all know it`s impossible.

Why to choose Zurich for vacation

In this time of the year, there is one magical word everyone is dreaming of – vacation. The biggest question – where should we go? Paris is too crowded, Berlin is too cold, Rome – too mainstream. But wait! There you go – Zurich, your perfect location, especially with our Zurich escort service. Switzerland is a beautiful country in Western- Central Europa with rich history and stunning views. It`s known with its quality chocolate, banks and perfect watches.

Zurich is Switzerland`s biggest city. All you need to know is that: “There is something for everyone”. Whether you`re a culture fanatic and want to explore the museums and galleries, you have many options to feast your soul and eyes – the National Museum of Zurich, Cabaret Voltaire, Kunsthaus Zurich or Zurich Opera House and others. Or you just want to spend some quite time skiing? Skiing might be fun, but the main reason to go in Switzerland`s Alps, come down to everything beyond the skiing itself – palace hotels and quaint chalets, charming villages looking like Christmas cards and the peace that this place brings. After a long day, you`ll be needing a straight boost for the party later (yes, we`ll get there), or casually enjoy a cup of hot beveridge with your mate and close the day. What better way to do it, than exquisite Swiss chocolate? As mentioned, chocolate is one of the holy grail foods in this country. It doesn`t matter if it`s Lindt, Läderach or Vollenweider, this is a must. If you decided to go out after 10 pm, “Let`s get this party started” is something, you`ll never hear, because the party there never stops. Bars, clubs, concerts, lounges – just choose and go dance! Come and see what the world had to offer – the world of Zurich!

Zurich – The Heart Of Switzerland

As we hear the name of Zurich there are couple of things appearing in our mind – clocks, business, culture, beauty and architecture.  A marvelous city made of class, magnificence and nobility. Defined as the second best place to live in the whole world with a great life standard, you can surely make the conclusion that the city is one the most desirable destinations as well. It is a financial center and a global city. It is a notable historical location, home of 20 universities, full of cosmopolitan people. It is the city of clocks. It is the place of time. Zurich is eternal. Discover the heart of Switzerland with our Zurich escort services.

The city is many many things and according to your stay, you can see different aspects of it. But one thing is for sure – Zurich is the beating heart of Switzerland.

Walking down the streets you can feel the rich diversity – from Baroque and Classicism masterpieces to bold contemporary business buildings; from dynamic social life to joyful solitude among nature; from fancy loud bars to romantic secret restaurants; and all of their transitional conditions in colors as they go. The city is not large but it is full of golden experience – you can walk it out on foot within hours, but to see what’s in it, might take you days.

There are some main places that you definitely have to check once you get in Zurich. The list is colorful and vibrant, starting with the most influential building on Zurich’s skyline – Fraumünster and going on with the St. Peter Church; followed by the main train station Hauptbahnhoff and its street Bahnhofstrasse; the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum; the Kunsthaus Museum Gallery; the Zurich Opera House; and many other symbolic locations or you can just get lost in the Old City of Zurich (Zurich Altstadt) until you discover everything. Wander over Zurich you will see the amazing Limmat River and its bridges, Lindenhof, the huge amount of city parks and gardens and of course Lake Zurich.

Zurich will offer you inspiration and fulfillment.  As the leader of culture, business, life standard and tourism in the country, it is a significant key for Switzerland’s development and world’s improvement.

Weekend in Zurich

Zurich – an impressive mixture of architecture, business, fashion, people and the way they spend their time. Although Zurich is not large, it is definitely a cosmopolitan city where it is never hard to find what you are looking for – from sightseeing all the majestic places in here, diving into the Swiss culture, meeting with different people in the fanciest locations, all the way up to spending a romantic trip with your loved one, finding some inner peace walking through the beautiful parks or hiking. Live an amazing weekend with our escort services agency.

Having a timeframe to escape from the daily routine set on a weekend, Zurich is the best direction you can possibly choose. As a cultural, touristic and financial center of Switzerland the city has a lot to offer to its guests. You can re-fill your power and enrich your experience. It will make you feel the comfort of Contemporary Europe and the magnificence of Middle Ages at the same time.

Authority that the architecture of the city reveals is breathtaking. The list of the places to visit is long but you can always start with the most visible and influential building in the Old City of Zurich – Fraumünster, then continue with St. Peter Church, going to the main train station – Hauptbahnhoff and its street Bahnhofstrasse, visit the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum; the Kunsthaus Museum Gallery and the Museum of National History, see Lindenhof; enjoy the great Limmat River and its many romantic bridges and last but not least go and discover Lake Zurich. The best way you can do this is by boat trip through the smooth relaxing waves. Nature in Zurich is very diverse and widespread – there are a lot of green areas where you can always take your time.

In searching of comfort and entertainment, action or relaxation, romantic time or party with your friends Zurich will give you the best. No need to wonder how is your weekend going to be, Zurich will manage this for you. Just let the good feelings flow!

The Zürcher Theater Spektakel

An international theatre festival, ranking among the most important European festivals for contemporary performing arts, held annually each summer. Currently, five separate locations are used as venues for the festival, of which the largest is the Landiwiese venue.

The “Downtown Switzerland” is a city full of life and energy; a beating heart at the foot of the Alps and a place where your leisure time can be spent the best way possible.

The Zürich Film Festival

The Festival offers audiences insight into the work of the most promising filmmakers from around the globe, and to promote the exchange of ideas between established film workers, creative talent and the public. Emerging directors have the opportunity to present their films to the wide attention of the entire German-language market. Participants come from around the globe and include both emerging and renowned filmmakers as well as buyers, sellers, distributors, media professionals and industry leaders. In 2015, approximately 85’000 visitors and more than 500 accredited journalists attended the festival’s screenings.

A Night at the Opera

“Zürich stopped burning” 36 years ago, after the end of large protests because of the lack of cultural programs for the youth and nowadays one of the principal opera houses in Europe, Opernhaus Zürich is glowing as the evening star. 250 performances take place every year, so take a night off, go with a pleasant companion and enjoy the sound and pulse of music.