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Interesting facts about Zurich (part 2)

6. A Roman name – not many people know that the modern city of Zurich began as a Roman customs outpost. They called it Turicum. The earliest record of this name was found on a second-century tombstone discovered at the Lindenhof hill.

7. Prehistoric pile dwellings – but the history of this area is even older. Around the Alps you can see a series of prehistoric stilt house settlements from around 5000 to 500 B.C. They are built on the edges of lakes and rivers. Such dwellings have been found also in Germany, France, Austria and other European countries. All of them are included in UNESCO world heritage site list.

8. A lot of museums – Zurich is home to many and various museums. Some of them are very popular among foreign tourists. Swiss National Museum, Museum of Design, Kunsthaus Zurich, etc. If you are interested in culture, Zurich is definitely the best place for you.

9. Wild nightlife – the city also offers many classy clubs, bars and live-music venues. There are pretty good strip clubs, too. The main night events are concentrated on the streets around Langstrasse and Zurich West. On weekends people from all over the country come to Zurich just to have a good time.

10. Largest Techno Street Party – and that is one more thing that may surprise you. Every August millions of wildly dressed people take part in the Street Parade, the largest techno parade on the European continent. Three things gather these people on the same place – the thumping beats, the electronica music and the freedom of expression. A party you will definitely enjoy!


So, now you know a few things about Zurich you have never imagined. But if that is still not enough for you, you can visit the city and see all the attractions for yourself. Our escort Zurich service will be ready to help you have a good time!

Interesting facts about Zurich (part 1)

Zurich is the symbol of Switzerland with its banks, sights and quality of life. However, there is much more behind that. In this article we are going to reveal some very interesting facts about the city that you probably do not know. So, let‘s start:


  1. It is Switzerland‘s largest city – although Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland, it is the largest city in the country. The municipality has approximately 400,000 inhabitants while the urban agglomeration – over 1.3 million people. Anyway, compared to other international cities, Zurich is relatively small which makes it even more charming for visitors.
  2. Largest church clock tower in Europe – we are talking about the St. Peter‘s Church. It is located in the heart of the Old Town. For many centuries it has been Zurich‘s official local time and all public city clocks had to conform to it. With a diameter of 8.64m, the dials of this symbol hold the record for Europe‘s largest church timepiece.
  3. Over 1,200 drinking fountains – if you get thirsty while having a walk around the city, there is no problem at all. You can just go to the nearest water fountain and drink all you want.
  4. Amazing view of Lake Zurich – Lake Zurich is one of the largest lakes in Switzerland. It covers the area of 88.66 square kilometres. But what makes it really wonderful, is its night view. Tourists from all over the world come to the city just to see this beautiful sight.
  5. Happy city – Zurich is among the happiest cities in the world. It is great for people who want to find a job and develop their careers. On the other hand, it offers many attractions and landmarks and it is the best place for one memorable vacation. What else could you possibly wish for?


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5 steps to make your vacation really memorable

When going on vacation, it is very important to plan and prepare some things in advance. That way you can be sure that you will spend one wonderful and stress-free holiday. After all, when you get back you have to feel reborn and full of energy, isn‘t that right? So, here are the steps you should follow for this aim:


  1. Make a budget – the first and most important step. You have to determine just how much money you want to spend on your vacation. Then think about the different costs – hotels, meals, travels. Be sure to fit into your budget and everything will be just fine.
  2. Family or friends – the people coming with you might make the holiday completely different. So, decide carefully who to invite. If you want something wild and adventurous, you could take your best friends with you. On the other hand, in case you need more peace and quiet, one family vacation might just be the right option.
  3. About the places – it is advisable to choose the places you wish to visit in advance. Does the budget allow you to go there? Can you plan everything by yourself or you will need a travel agent? The answers to these questions will clearly show you what you have to do.
  4. But be a little flexible – of course, the plan can always be changed. If you spot better opportunities to spend a nice time, you should react immediately. A little flexibility might make the holiday even better.
  5. Enjoy – after you have gone through the necessary steps, it is time to just relax and enjoy your vacation. Forget about all your troubles and arrangements and make sure to have the time of your life.


So, there they are. Five steps that will make your vacation really memorable. And if you pick Zurich as a destination for the next trip, our escort Zurich service can help you with everything you need.

Which cities in Switzerland to visit by train

Switzerland is one of the most incredible countries in Europe. Its charming nature and beautiful landscapes make every visit quite memorable. And you know what is the best way to enjoy these landscapes while traveling around the country? That is right, choosing the Swiss Federal Railways. Let‘s see which cities can be visited by train:


  1. Lausanne – it is a very important sport destination. You probably know that here is located the International Olympic Committee. The city has a rich history and there are many old buildings you can see. It takes only 40 minutes by rail from Geneva to reach it. So, what are you waiting for?
  2. Lugano – it offers the tourists a wide variety of sights and landscapes. Starting from the beautiful Lake Lucerne and getting to the magnificient mountains of the Lugano Prealps surrounding the city. This is really the perfect place for people who love spending time outdoors.
  3. Bern – the capital of Switzerland and one of the top cities in the world for quality of life. There are many places to visit here. One of them is the Clock Tower, a popular meeting place as well as one of the longest covered shopping promenades on the European continent.
  4. Geneva – home to the League of Nations. Geneva is a city of contrasts and various activities. It unites the remarkable old architecture with the modern shops and the beautiful Alps. If you are traveling from Paris, you will need only three hours with the high-speed TGV.
  5. Zurich – and, of course, the largest city and financial center of Switzerland. Zurich impresses with its landmarks, plazas and shopping areas. Here is located the Bahnhofstrasse on which can be found stores of the world‘s best designers. Our escort Zurich service will help you really enjoy this magical city.

Zurich – best places to visit

Zurich is not only the financial center of Switzerland, but also one of the most beautiful cities on the European continent. Its cleanliness and high quality of life attracts different foreign tourists. There are so many attractions to visit in Zurich, that you could hardly make a choice. However, in this article we are going to show you a few places that you should definitely spare time for. Our escort Zurich service guarantees that you will enjoy every little moment of your vacation.


  1. The Old Town – it has kept the old architectural look and feel. Here you can see many landmarks, plazas and other amazing attractions. The ramparts of the ancient walled city also attract many visitors.
  2. Uetliberg – nothing like a fresh mountain air can make your vacation really wonderful. And there are many surprises, too. The mountaintop has a small hotel and two towers. The first one is a television tower, while the second one is made as a designated lookout. You can reach Uetliberg by walk or just take a train from Zurich.
  3. Lake Zurich – another great place for the people who like nature. This lake was formed by glaciers in the Alps. It is very clean and has many beaches and swimming areas. There are also a lot of passenger ships which can give you a great tour of the lake.
  4. Bahnhofstrasse – this is the main shopping area in Zurich. Here can be found stores of the world’s best designers. There are also many elegant cafes as well as places where you can buy the delicious Lindt chocolates made in the city.


So, these are the first places you have to go to when visiting Zurich. See the ancient history, go on a shopping tour or just enjoy the natural sights. Escort Zurich will help you spend one memorable vacation!

Zurich escort – a major event center

Get the best company for your event!


Event escort is specifically designed for special occasions. The choice of event escort demands elegance, grace and intelligence. Matching the companion with the event can be challenging, so it is advisable for customers to give detailed description and requirements for each particular occasion so that they can impress the other guests. For example, if you need that the dinner escort has specific knowledge or language skills, you should mention that in advance so that you can get the best match for your event.


The best part is that you do not need to sacrifice convenience in the name of making good impression and being fashionable. Quite on the contrary, by using high quality event escort, you have already made impression and saved yourself a lot of effort and you can enjoy the event. When choosing your escort service, it is advisable that you know what you want so that you can choose the most adequate Zurich escort. Finding a match can a difficult task if you do not know what you want.


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Escort Zurich – the best choice for visitors (Part 2)

Again, it may sound trivial but if you do not enjoy your life, who else would do it for you? Bearing that in mind, evening escort is an excellent choice to have a great time after a busy day at work. With Zurich escort services, you get class, comfort and last but not least, punctuality. It is very convenient that you can book Zurich escort when you like – at midnight, at 3 PM or even during the coffee break at work, although we do not advise you to do that. Shortly, there is no such a thing as “best time to book escort services”. Any time is good as long as it fits your schedule.


Do not wait too long!


Another clear advantage is that you can compare prices with different cities and see for yourself that Zurich escort services could be more expensive but not so much more if you take into account the average prices of everything else in Zurich. When choosing the escort service, follow the simple rules that apply to all online sales – check if the website is legitimate, call if you have questions and be sure that the site is not a scam – same rules like for buying a phone or a purse.

Escort Zurich – the best choice for visitors (Part 1) | Jasmin Escort Zurich

If your visit in Zurich is already knocking on the door, then it is high time that you started thinking about getting the best of it. Nowadays, there are so many entertainment options that many people get confused and do not know what to do. The result – wasted time and no fun at the end! Zurich escort will put an end to this – you will have the time of your life and you do not need to worry about anything but having good time. After all, relaxing and enjoying free time are responsible tasks and must be seriously.


The best thing about your experience is that once you get used to the process, all you need is to give a call, state your preferences and wait for your dream companion. You can get the same escort, try something new or even book more than one companion. Your task is to figure out what you want and order it.


If you want to find out more about escort in Zurich, you can read the second part of the article.

Zurich – city of business meetings

Zurich is one of the cities which never sleep. There is always something going on, even during cold winter nights. Many people go there for business and are about to have a boring evening after an exhausting day with countless meetings and intensive discussions with people they meet for a first time. Business trips can be tedious and monotonous. This should not be like that if you want to get another type of Zurich experience.


Obviously, the best way to recharge your batteries after a long working day is by having a good company. Zurich escort guarantees you good time and positive energy – all you need to do is to say what you would like to do and pick a matching dinner escort after you finish your business. It is simple, easy and can completely change your perception of Zurich. Another advantage is that you need not worry about organizing your dinner and to waste more energy. On the contrary, the escort services will take care of that for you. You can relax, enjoy your time and make everyone envy your energy and positivism the next day.

Exploring Zurich

Not surprisingly, Zurich is a very multinational city where is possible to meet any kind of people with different backgrounds and nationalities. In contrast to most Swiss cities, the financial center is a very dynamic city and it proudly hosts the best nightlife places in Switzerland.

If time is not enough to discover Zurich’s nightlife by yourself, the outstanding escort services in the city are always there to assist you. Zurich is one of the best rated cities for dinner escort and you can choose the perfect company for your evening. You can go to a fancy place without bothering to look for information and enjoy a great company – two in one! Fun awaits you everywhere, so the right Zurich escort can make you have the ultimate Zurich experience, even if your stay is short. Zurich escort services are definitely worth a shot. You might even end up spending less because you went to the right places… from the very first visit. If you are fresh in Zurich, you can benefit from its escort services. Even experienced travelers would appreciate the city and find out that it is way more than a major financial center.