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As any successful gentleman knows, going to the casino is a show of good fortunes. It comes with the territory as they say. You go to the glitziest place where you surround yourself with peers and winners of all walks of life, drink import spirits and draw on an expensive cigar, if you do smoke. However, smoothing is missing from your night. You’re not taking the same fulfilling enjoyment in winning and no one is there to help you celebrate your luck whether it is the roulette or blackjack you enjoy.


What you need is a refined female presence by your side to make your night meaningful and your winnings all the more exciting by our escort agency. Hire Jasmin Escort has a special price for a night spent among high stakes games where our girl lightens up your whole evening and also brings you enough luck to stay victorious all through the evening. We provide an excellent escort service. After you’ve won several times, it’s time to enjoy your winnings in private with the model of your choosing in your room. There you can give yourself to innumerable pleasures in the hands of a young goddess who wants nothing more to please you in any way possible. You can even specify any specific requests you might want to experiment with and we’ll make them happen.


Allow us to tell you the story of what’s going to happen, when you pick one of our beautiful, charming ladies to take on a fun night to your favorite casino.


You will walk down the stairs together and draw in all the attention the minute you set foot in the building. She will hold onto your strong arm as you lead the way under the bright lights that make her jewels sparkle. You will be wearing your best suit. After all, you have to make the best impression and she’ll wear a dress that fits on her lithe body like second skin. She’s not afraid to wear a bright, commanding color and on her it looks stunning. After all, she has to uphold your reputation.


Your companion for the evening knows how to apply makeup so she looks fresh, youthful and the most glamorous woman who has ever lived. Her hair is just how you like it, silky smooth and bouncing on her shoulder or sculptured into an elegant do. Yours was the choice and she lives your fantasy in every possible angle and aspect. Her designer high heels sink in the soft carpeting as you lead her to the roulette tables and place your order for a drink.


A waitress comes to take your orders and she leans in to you, her heat so exquisite through the suit your wearing and you laugh when she jokes about the spinning wheel. You ask her what number you should bet on and in response she closes her eyes, smiling as she listens to the wheel spin. Her smile is the most beautiful you’ve ever seen with lips of an impossible red, almost like rubies. When she’s ready, she opens her eyes and you notice just how intelligent and playful they are as she leans in to whisper so no one else hears. Her breath is hot against your neck and for a second, her lips brush over your ear. Goose bumps run down your spine.


You find it hard to turn away from her and give the croupier your bet, but you do because everyone else is waiting. As the croupier spins the roulette and drops the ball, the waitress brings your drinks on a large silver tray. Clear amber liquid for you with two ice cubes in the glass and a martini with two olives for her. She knows how to drink so she doesn’t need the fancy cocktails. She stirs the martini with the olives and takes a small sip only after you’ve raised glasses to a successful evening. Red lipstick decorates the rim of the glass.


That’s how the night goes for you two. You play and you win. Our girl sure knows how to bring you luck at the table. Then you win some more and decide it’s time to switch the game. This time it’s she who makes the decision and you find yourselves at the craps table. You’ve moved onto new drinks and you suddenly realize your mouth is dry from having talked for so long. Your date knows how to keep the conversation aloud and you’ve been joking for the past hour. You stop to listen to her laughter, really listen, and you’re smitten.


At the craps table, she blows on your fist for good luck before you shake the dice and throw with all your might. The dice hit the edge of the table and land

on a seven. Instant win. She cheers along with you and it’s the most fun you’ve had in a casino that you can remember. But the casino doesn’t offer all the games you want to play. For this part of the service, it’s time to head to your room where you have a young, attentive model to help you rediscover your body in every way you want. In your room, clothes become an inconvenience. She peels off her dress and you can touch all of her and do as you wish. The next kiss is something else entirely.


This night can be yours with elite Zurich escorts. Everything we just described can become reality. Jasmin Escort has a large roster of smart, charming and most all sensational girls, who know how to make the best possible public impression. We cater to all tastes and you can specify any preferences you may have in her personal style so that she fully embodies your dream girl. This service comes at a special generous price that accounts for the excellent company, luck at the tables and intimate night you spend in the privacy of your room. You keep your girl’s company over the night where you’ll enjoy sensuous moments you’ll not soon forget. Have an adventurous act you’d like to try out with our models? Please be sure to specify.


Come and treat yourself to a truly fulfilling night at the casino.