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Your business partners are coming to town to finalize an important deal? We can help! With one or more nights in Zurich spent in the company of beautiful, fun and intelligent girls. The next day, your business partners will be pleased and open towards you and your important business deal. We will be happy, if you present us with the opportunity and your trust with your plans. We’ll do all in our power to make them come true! Our agency, based in Zurich works with a lot of clients of importance and we keep their discretion 100%. For your idea to become fact, we require to know the tastes and preferences of you and your partners in question as well as know the details of the particular situation or event. In this sphere, we’re creative and innovative.


Jasmin Escort Agency will do everything to make your wishes and dreams come true. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether it’s about an important trip, business meeting, dinner or loud party you’re after, you can trust us. Our girls know how to present themselves and perform in their best light and react adequately in every situation. Our clients are creative businessmen with style. People who know extremely well how to have fun, try new pleasures and know how to savor them completely. Our agency’s style is unique not only for Zurich, but for Switzerland as a whole. We’re expanding our business borders and the nature of these relations. We’re offering new levels of pleasure and fun. We consider ourselves being the sole unique agency of its kid, which you can completely trust. We’re entering a new era of partner relationships and are building trust and friendships. We have no limits and we keep on developing. Now our resources are yours as well.


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